Community Safety Director

Reed's Community Safety Director.
I'm here if you have a question or comment . . .

#reedcollege  Root beer floats now in the Quad
Root beer floats for all! Come to the Quad now for floats and engaging conversation with CSOs in kilts
Nano rocks the kilt. CSOs in kilts! It is that time again. Look for me (The Grange) on mine for Tonight’s festivities #reedcollege
Anyone interested in kickin’ a nice foot bag around now or this afternoon, e-mail or call Dispatch for a meet.
And the results of a tragic gnome skateboarding accident. #reedcollege
More tunnel graffiti #reedcollege
More gnomes #reedcollege
Tunnel tours with gnomes in 18 minutes
Climb this tree (safely on ropes) Sunday afternoon. Join me and Tim Kovar (Tree climbing planet) for a facilitated climb from Noon to 5 this coming Sunday #reedcollege
More new tunnel graffiti #reedcollege