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After the original posting I received an update from an esteemed alumnus letting me know that there was some minor damage to the fish ladder railing, but not the lake itself or the fish therein.

There was also a suggestion at an alternative rendering of the report.  I quote directly from the primary sources:
Reed’s First Fossil Fuel Free Float, The Griffin, spotted a Salmon in the fish ladder and in an instant instinct took over as it attempted to catch the fish for fuel. In response to a question about the ethics of catching and eating wild salmon, Lil’ Beaky (pictured on the arm in the upper right) replied, “While salmon are still protected during their recovery, at least they are far more sustainable than fossil fuel.” 

Photo courtesy of said alumnus.

CSO Blotter “Highlights”

or … 

How the Griffin float crash landed onto the fish ladder

"Faster and faster" is how one Alum described the perilous and ultimately injurious descent of the tandem bike and Griffin float down the steep road to the fish ladder late Saturday night.

A CSO was hailed by an Alumnus who reported a broken arm near the GCC and, after helping arrange transport for medical care, CSOs found the Chvnk bike and float entwined in foliage next to the fish ladder.  A group of alumni were working to extricate the bike and float while CSOs spoke with survivors of the crash and checked for injuries—of which there were several, albeit minor.

On first report, CSOs were told that there may have been gasoline spilled, but upon closer inspections, the liquid was determined to have been beer.

I leave to alumni any further descriptions and characterizations of the crash landing.

Other things happened, but really nothing as randomly epic as Olde Reedies crashing a float-pulling bike into the Canyon.

No fish or other wildlife were reported to have been injured.

That is all.


P.S. After consideration, I will list just a couple of other notes from the CSO archives for reunions:

- One specific alumna accounted for three incident reports and about a dozen calls for service or other CSO interactions

- An Old Olde Reedie tripped and sustained minor injuries during fireworks

- Stegophily: Two alumni reported that “tradition got the best of us” once they came down from the SU roof



To Reed Alumni, students, and staff:

If you are interested in discussing how Reed handles Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) issues on campus, join me Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. in GCC-D.

I will present data on AOD incidents going back over a decade, discuss the evolution of Reed’s approach to AOD, the Memorandum Of Understanding with the Portland Police Bureau, our AOD policy, and the intersections between AOD use and sexual assault.

I will also bring my campus maps for the past four years that give an interesting (enlightening?) visual representation of AOD reports on campus over my time at Reed.

I hope to see you there.


If you missed my presentation on sexual assault dynamics at Reed this morning, feel free to contact me directly.  I am willing to take my data and presentation “on the road” for any members of the Reed community, including alumni.  

This presentation included a review of data from Reed’s climate survey in 2012, as well as four years of data from Community Safety reports and investigations.  About 20 of us had a thoughtful and respectful discussion of this issue, both related to Reed and beyond.

I look forward to keeping this dialogue open and active in our community.


For more information, see our site dedicated to sexual assault prevention & response:

If you lost something during Renn Fayre, you may be able to find it at Community Safety.  Stop by 24/7
The Granger
The Grange’s kilt socks for Renn Fayre

CSO Blotter Highlights for last week:

So, other stuff happened, but it was really all about the Voodoo doughnuts and seeing hundreds of students in good moods for me.  

4/20 By the Numbers:

Number of uniformed CSOs on duty at any given time: 2 to 4

Number of CSO foot patrols: 145

Number of CSO vehicle patrols: 29

Number of Maple Blazer Blunts given out: 168 (14 dozen)

Number of blunts confiscated by CSOs: 0 (zero)

Number of Voodoo doughnuts given out: 888 (74 dozen)

Number of students found with marijuana on 4/20: 0 (zero)

If you want to read the full, un-edited blotter, check it out on my blog:

Or, just stop by my office at 28 West and I’ll give you the low-down.

Anonymous said: What is the best way to avoid pot at Reed on 4/20?

Go to my Voodoo doughnut events in the SU.

Hang out with CSOs

And, as a matter of fact, despite doing all of our regular patrolling about, CSOs have not run into anyone actually smoking pot on campus today.

Just sayin’

Stats for the Voodoo event at 4:20 pm

Number of doughnuts given away: 650+

Number of students served: enough to eat over 650 doughnuts

It was great to see everyone who came.  Thanks for a great day

The Granger

Statistics for a Voodoo doughnut morning on 4/20 in the Reed Student Union:

Time I had to get up: 3:00 am

Number of doughnuts consumed: approx. 225

Number of people who came: enough to eat 225 doughnuts

Thanks to everyone who showed up.  We will do it again at 4:20 pm

Photos graciously taken by Christopher Ellis ‘93