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420 Voodoo Doughnut (Donut?) Celebration with Community Safety
All Reed Community Members Welcome!
Your Community Safety Director will be hosting a sub-free gathering and providing (hundreds of) free Voodoo doughnuts and coffee at the Student Union on Saturday, April 20, 2013.  Doughnuts will be ready for eating at 4:20 am (no, you can’t have one early), and again at 4:20 pm (1620 hours for those of us with a military past).  We will have all varieties of Voodoo, including vegan doughnuts, and an ample supply of Maple Blazer Blunts.  If a “representative” of the Scrounge shows up, I will provide a full box for the Scrounge table.
Please remember this is an inclusive, sub-free, family friendly event.  See you there.

NOTE: This poster is our latest spoof of the one made by anonymous students in December 2010 making fun of me for confiscating students’ pot (inset).  Art courtesy CSO TallPawl O’Connor.
  • 17 April 2013
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